Friday, 25 December 2009

Network Performance Troubleshooting

There are 3 points of failure on this issue - OS - Filesystem - Network

To start we need to determine the raw max throughput of the network layer:
- run Iperf on source and destination servers. Source URL:
This will be the baseline speed
- if this is really low for the network type (Wireless, 10\100, Gigabit, FC, etc) then network is the root cause.
Use to convert output to something understandable.

Next we need a real world test:
- Do file copy of a large file using windows explorer from source and destination servers.
- If real world performance is far off baseline speed we need to rule the OS and filesystem out:

Start with the filesystem:
- Run CrystalDiskMark on both servers. Source URL:
- If this exceeds the real world performance then the OS is the bottleneck
- if this matches real world performance - then the filesystem is the cause of the slowness.

Next step is to focus efforts on the worst performing of the 3 and things should improve.

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