Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Force Printer Properties - Konica Minolta

Customer has a AD network with a server that manages the printer queues for the network.

I setup different printer queues for each basic setting they require. e.g. Monochrome, Color, Letterhead(different tray).

This particular printer driver stores its setting configs in the registry in the USER profile(HKCU). This complicates things as each user profile has its own set of settings for each printer queue and these settings overide the server defaults. In addition when the printer is mapped on the workstation - it has the default config that ignores the settings configured on the server.

So trick in the end was to re-map the printers and replace the HKCU registry settings for the printer queues at logon.

The relevant keys are:


Once you have configured the settings appropriately - export the keys to a file on the server in a location that is accesible from any domain workstation on the network (e.g. NETLOGON) and call a script at logon that replaces these keys at logon. This way we can ensure a consistent printer configuration.

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