Thursday, 27 October 2011

Exchange Autodiscover URL

When starting Outlook 2010 accessing an Exchange server you get a SSL
certificate name mismatch error.

You have already checked that Outlook Anywhere, the DNS server and the
Outlook profile have the correct configuration and settings. You could be
looking at an Exchange Autodiscover problem.

Open the EMS and type this to check the current Audiscover settings

Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory | fl

You should something similar to this:

Name : Autodiscover (SBS Web Applications)
InternalAuthenticationMethods : {Basic, Ntlm, WindowsIntegrated}
ExternalAuthenticationMethods : {Basic, Ntlm, WindowsIntegrated}
BasicAuthentication : True
DigestAuthentication : False
WindowsAuthentication : True
MetabasePath :
Path : C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange
Server : SERVER
InternalUrl :
ExternalUrl :

The ExternalUrl and InternalURL should be set to the correct external FQDN
of the server. If this is not correct you can change the settings as

Set-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory -identity "Autodiscover (SBS Web
Applications)" -InternalUrl
"" -ExternalUrl

The server in question is a SBS 2008 running Exchange 2007.

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