Monday, 6 December 2010

N-Computing Troubleshooting

Running N-Computing 5 x L-130 terminals using a Windows 7 (32bit) PC as a server using vSpace The system has Trend WFBS client agent installed and is a part of an SBS 2008 domain and has some end-user applications installed.

System appears to stop functioning every few month due to Trend or Windows updates that seem to break the system. This is due to the fact that the system is probably not fully Windows compatible or certified and appears that certain Windows updates overwrites critical files and settings.

Here are a few tips I have gathered while troubleshooting and resolving problems with this system:

1. Do not DISABLE the windows firewall. You can turn it off or configure exceptions that will allow the terminals to connect to the server without restriction -
This will prevent the vSpace services from starting properly. It is also a good idea to allocate static IP addresses to the terminals.

2. Ensure EVERYONE is assigned the "Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services" right. This is accessed through the gpedit.msc and is a local Computer Policy.

3. Configure Anti-Virus exceptions for the vSpace services and executables. Otherwise the services won't start.

4. Make sure the logon settings for the vSpace services are set to "Local System account" and check the "Allow service to interact with desktop" is checked.

Support for N-Computing can be difficult to obtain but you can start with making sure you have the latest version of the vSpace server.

There is a Knowledge Base located at and a forum here


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